Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blog Post 4

ipodI recently was introduced to the idea of podcasting in the classroom. I will be creating one on my own later this semester so I wanted to learn more about them. I began by researching what podcast means. I found a website that explained what it is. Jennifer Kyrnin, web designer/ html guide, describes podcast as a word derived from iPod and broadcast and defines it as "... an MP3 or other audio file delivered off a Web site via an RSS feed." She explains that it's more than radio, this file since linked to an RSS feed is automatically updated and can be listened to over and over.

 Curriculum 21 Podcast. Here I heard an interview with Vicky Davis and Julie Lindsay, two teachers/authors who are energetically spreading the word about how to best keep self and students connected and engaged in classrooms.

Benefits of Podcasting in Classrooms In this podcast video you will find an entertaining discussion on benefists of podcasting in classrooms in Joe Dale's blog, such as, it's a great way for children to connect with the class when unable to come to school. This blog also gives links to podcasting video tutorials. This is a really great blog with lots of easy to follow directions and information on ways to improve student participation and skills in technology use. I plan to visit this blog regularly when I am in a classroom of my own. Check it out!

First Graders Podcast Is a 15 minute podcast with first graders. They are able to listen and follow along with their finished product. What a fun way to read a favorite book!

I plan to use these ideas and instructions to create prerecorded books for children to listen to in my classroom. Many children find it difficult to stay interested in a book if they are struggling with the vocabulary. Hearing the words as you follow along in the text can help to make reading less of a drag.


  1. Erica,

    I am glad that you find these resources interesting and useful. However, the assignment was to also mention how YOU can use these in your podcast for this class. Also, please add ALT and TITLE modifiers to your images. Refer to the instruction manual or come into the lab for details.


    Rebekah Lloyd

  2. Thanks Rebekah, I am still trying to figure out how to add ALT and TITLE modifiers to my images. I plan to come to lab to get help with this on Monday.
    Also I will revise my post to add ways I plan to use resources for my podcast this week.