Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project #16 Final Project

Tips and Tid-Bits for EDM Newbies

Since this semester in EDM places so much emphasis on our blogs, we decided to make our final project in the form of a blog post using three different tools that we came to know and appreciate in the course. The first being a video post, the second an iMovie, and the third a written post.


There were so many new and interesting challenges, like making an iMovie:
This has become one of our favorite tools because it allows us to create anything we want.

Here are some tips we would like to offer those who are just entering EDM310.
  • On the first class day of class count to see how many students are there, and then subtract a third from that number. That's about how many people will still be there in the end. Will you be one of them??
  • You will have to have a gmail account so use a name that is suitable for class and check it often
  • There are many links to follow when doing assignments for Dr. Strange, so we suggest bookmarking your blog, the class blog, the projects page, the activities page, and the blog post assignment page to save time. You will find these links in the instruction manual link from the class blog.
  • Get to know the edm lab assistants, they are your friends!!!
  • Be sure to give edm the time and effort that it requires. If you do not have 9 hrs a week to dedicate to the class, take it another time.
  • Keep a positive "I can" attitude. Learning is half of the fun so try to enjoy the journey to becoming a tech literate educator.
  • Good Luck, if we can do it, so can you!!!
Just for extra fun, here is a crossword puzzle. There will be plenty of "extra" fun assignments, so we wanted to add one also.

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