Saturday, March 31, 2012

C4K : World Blog Challenge

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This month we participated in the edublogs,  a site that facilitates education blogging services by connecting teachers and students with a global community that can be monitored by the teacher,  World Blog Challenge. 
What is a World Blog Challenge? Here are t
he basics:
  • it is a Student Blogging Challenge
  • begins March and September each year
  • 10 weeks of challenges
  • Improves student commenting and blogging skills
  • Interacts with classrooms all over the globe
  • Check out the  challenge information.

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    My student blog assignment was to find and get to know a little bit about Kara from her blog Kara's Blog-Just another Edublogs .org site.  In my comment  I shared with her a little about myself and my family. I commended her on her interesting blog. She had some very good posts, such as one that gives guidance on how to best encourage people to leave comments on a post and about her seasons in Canada. Her favorite color is purple and she loves volleyball. I look forward to having her respond to my comment and hope she writes a new post soon.

    2nd comment My comment
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     My third comment
    Kittens for petI haven't received any reply's from Kara yet, but I still enjoyed getting to know her through her blog. And my recent post was fun. She began a story about getting a kitten which she name Marty for her birthday and it was so scared that it ran away, then Kara left the rest of the story open for other people to add ideas of what will happen next. One person before me added that the kitten ran towards the woods and that Kara was just about to catch her then left the floor open to be picked up by someone else. This is where I came in. I added that just as I was about to catch her I tripped on my shoelaces. As I sat there crying alone in the woods, the kitten began to play with my untied shoelace and I was so happy to have her in my arms again. Then it was time to head home.......if only I knew where it was! I left the story dangling at dusk open for another person to hopefully lead Kara and Marty home again.

    I love the idea of blogging collaboratively. This story building assignment was really fun. I will definitely use it in my classroom when I become an educator.

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