Thursday, April 19, 2012

C4k April

 About Room 6 (Little Voices, Little Scholars)

Little Voices, Little Scholars Room 6 Class 2011-2012

 This is our final C4K Assignment and I really enjoyed the experience. Although I only received a couple of replies from all of my comments, I still learned a lot about blogging with children. I have a good idea of how I will incorporate blogging in my classroom. Blogging helps students to understand that writing is important and can reach far and wide, showing little minds that this big ol' world really is "a small world after all."

My final kid blog is Aneelis, a Year 2 student in Mrs Jenny She's class from Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand. There was not a written post for me to read, instead Aneelis posted, with help from her Mom, an "Animoto" of pictures from a fieldtrip to Butterfly Creek. Here is My comment.

I think it is awesome that kids today are growing up using this kind of technology. I never dreamed of having an animated slideshow of pictures from a fieldtrip when I was young. That is why we as educators MUST have knowledge and skills in the field of technology if we expect our students to be successful in their futures. Like Ms. Cassidy said " technology isn't going anywhere" so we must keep up as best we can for our students.

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