Monday, April 2, 2012

C4K March Summary


c4k #4 SP11 CT
My kid blog this week is SP11 CT. He/She is a 5th grade student in Ms. T.G.'s class from Iowa. The name of the kid blog is B-17 Flying Fortress.  The student had only a couple of really short posts since December, one a Christmas list and another which simply says "Hi." I shared with him/her how great blogging can be and that I hoped that  interest would not be lost in blogging. It's obvious from the blog name Flying Fortress that this student is interested in fighting planes. I suggested that it would be a great idea to connect with a real pilot of one of these unique planes through blogging. I'm sure that would create renewed interest in blogging. I might be showing my age again, but blogging is the new, easier way to keep in touch with what was formerly know as pen-pals:)
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Portuguese horses
C4K #6 Georgie
Class 12's Blog
My kidblog this week is a 5th grader named Georgie from Bradford Schools, Teacher Sarah Stones @sstones76. Georgie wrote about horse riding and swimming. He/She explained a love for horse riding but began swimming and decided to pause riding because it was too much at one time to keep up with. I commented on how important it is to be able to manage our time and that he/she sounds like a very wise person at such a young age.  The writing showed creativity and attention to detail, I think Georgie's teacher Mrs. Stones is doing a wonderful job by having her class write on a blog. This helps them to try harder since so many people will be able to see their work. Georgie has not responded to my comment yet but I asked him what his favorite horse's name is and I wished him/her luck with getting back into horse riding since she/he seems to really enjoy it.
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