Monday, April 2, 2012

C4T #3

Wesley Fryer

My teacher blog for C4T #3 is  "Moving at the speed of creativity" by Wesley Fryer.
Apple Distinguished EducatorWesley Fryer Ph.D., is an inspiring technology advocate. He began his teaching career as an elementary teacher and progressed to an author. Here is a short briefing from his bio, "His educational background includes service as an elementary classroom teacher, campus technology integration specialist, college director of distance learning, state director for education advocacy for AT&T, and director of technology for a state historical association. Wesley is the author of the 2011 eBook "Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing." He also participates and offers many workshops for technology in education and has his own YouTube Channel Wesley Fryer's YouTube channel.
Here you will find a variety of technology presentations that is followed by educators who share the same zeal for technology in the classroom.
When I first visited his blog I could tell he was an avid blogger, there are soooo many posts on his blog and they are all filled with useful tips coming from his own experiences. I commented on his most recent post Star Walk for iPhone. He shared his delight with the StarWalk app and I just said that I will be checking it out too and thanks for sharing!

In my second week's visit to his blog  I was happy to see that his current post was right up my alley. He shared a very positive story about a use for the new Google Voice Search. The story was centered around a student named Morgan who deals with a learning disability yet refuses to allow it to stop her from doing all that she strives to accomplish. She and her teacher were profiled in a video that shared this heartwarming story. Check it out! Google Search Story.

The work that Wes Fryer is doing is so important for our future education system. My hopes for the future are that education will allow multimedia texts that are up to date and that a child will not be solely judged by how well they measure up to standardized tests. Wes Fryer is a self proclaimed  "catalyst for creative engagement and collaborative learning" that is what education needs to offer the best for students AND teachers who know how to utilize these tools effectively.


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